Fantasy Report - Round 8

Round 7 was the epitome of annoying. It's plain and simple. If you were a Dom Dwyer or Benny Feilhaber owner, you were probably gutted when you saw that Dwyer didn't earn you a penalty drawn bonus and that Benny didn't get you a goal from the pk he should have taken. Melia, one of the most owned goalkeepers in Round 7, didn't get you a clean sheet because he himself earned Wondolowski a penalty, which Wondo deftly put away. If you were a Kaka owner, you were probably quite surprised to accidentally see on Twitter that Ricky was at the Orlando Pride game instead of in New Jersey with his teammates. Those of you who had Chris Tierney in your lineup (for all of 28 minutes) were probably saddened when he left the game with an apparent injury only earning you 1 point. Then there were those who captained Piatti, or even worse, those who captained Piatti instead of Giovinco. I shudder just thinking about the disappointment there. Now that Round 8 is upon us, we have to sort through this mess and maybe admit that Round 7 was a bit of a fluke round.

With Round 8 there comes good news and bad news. Round 8 is a Double Game Week (DGW), that is good news. The bad news is that not all of the DGW teams are worth investing in. Having 11 DGW players is almost always a good thing, but with this DGW you might want to consider your options and look at the bigger picture before making any rash decisions. With games starting on Wednesday this week, it's time to leave Round 7 in the dust and quickly make our picks for Round 8.

Let's try to break down who we should be looking at and who we should be avoiding.


Who to bring in:

Tim Melia: While Sporting KC have lost 3 straight, Tim is still my number 1 goalkeeper suggestion. SKC will be playing Vancouver for a second time after beating them once already. While the Whitecaps proved that they do know how to score in Round 7, their forwards are still struggling and shouldn't be a problem for Timmy. The second matchup for Melia will be against the Galaxy. While that seems daunting given their play lately, it also means Melia will be a busy man. A busy Melia is good for your fantasy even if he doesn't keep a clean sheet. If he does keep a clean sheet, well, expect a very high score from the Sporting goalkeeper. Tim also dropped $.1 in price so he's now at $5.6.

David Ousted: Mr. Ousted is also on a DGW this week and he will be facing Sporting KC and NYCFC. While I do not expect him to keep a clean sheet against SKC, I think he is still worth looking at for this round, mostly because of his second matchup. He will really only be facing David Villa against NYCFC, and I trust the defenders in front of Ousted to keep him safe from the spaniard. He is a little expensive at $6.1.

Bobby Shuttleworth: Bobby is another obvious choice for goalkeepers this round. He’s still leading all goalkeepers in total score plus he's also on a DGW. The only thing working against him here is the Tierney injury which might cause problems for his backline, which also means problems for him. His matchup against Portland shouldn't be too painful because he won't have a Valeri to deal with, and he will likely not have to face Kaka either with New England's rematch against a very unlucky Orlando City. Mr. B.S. is still priced at $5.8

Who to stay away from:

Luis Robles: Ignoring the fact that he's not even on a DGW, the defense he has in front of him was one good ref call away from giving him a living nightmare to deal with in Round 7. Run away quickly.

Jake Gleeson: Portland in on a DGW and Adam Kwarasey is out injured, so this back up keeper might look like a nice option because of his price of $4.5. However the sad truth is that if he had any other defense in front of him (not including NYRB’s) he may actually be a good sleeper pick, but until Portland’s defense can prove that they don't suck, it's probably best to ignore this guy. This is especially true since he'd will be facing the Revs and more importantly Giovinco and Toronto.


Who to bring in:

Fraser Aird: Right now everyone is obsessed with bringing Harvey in this week because “OMG he scored a goal!!!,” but I'm picking Aird because one, he's cheaper than Harvey at $6.5, and two, he very quietly scored 9 ppints in the last round without having a goal or assist. That's not bad from a defender on a DGW.

Nuno Coelho: Not only has this guy played 90 minutes IN every game so far, he's also averaging 6.8 points per game. Add that in with being on a DGW, I can't help but think Nuno is going to get you points with or without a clean sheet. With Opara lurking in the wings some might think he’ll get rotated, I think that's people just being paranoid. He's been so solid for SKC that Peter Vermes would be asking for a death wish if he took Coelho out. I expect we’ll see Opara, but it will likely for Besler. He is priced at $7.9, but honestly in a DGW, he's worth it.

Laurent Ciman: He's another guy on a DGW and he will be facing David Villa and Colorado. It really shouldn't be too difficult for him this round. He's expensive though at $8.8

Who to avoid:

Red Bulls entire defense: ...duh.

Portlands entire defense: on a DGW but it doesn't matter, invest elsewhere.

Chris Tierney: Last round he was a must have, but now with his injury and no one knowing how bad it is or isn't, get rid of him. Take the $8.1 and spend it somewhere else.


Who to bring in:

Ignacio Piatti: Piatti is the one player that you HAVE to have. If you don't, you are being reckless and you need to re-evaluate your life. He was quiet in Round 7 but hot damn you can't ignore him on this DGW. He is priced at $10.5 for obvious reasons.

Benny Feilhaber: To me Benny is also a no brainier. Maybe not to the extent that Piatti is, but Peter Vermes needs Benny right now, and I think Benny will deliver. He was robbed of a PK in Round 7 that would have seen his score be much higher, but whatever, you should have him in your lineup for this DGW.

Graham Zusi/Diego Fagundez: I'm lumping these two together because I think they are both capable of going off on a team and racking up points, or they could both have super quiet games and get you 2 points each. I'm not saying you should bring them in, I'm just saying you should think about it.

Mauro Diaz: While not on a DGW, Diaz is still someone to consider. Now that he is back from his 4 game layoff due to injury, he is likely salivating at the mouth to take on the Red Bulls' defense. You should also take into account that he consistently scores in double figures when he plays substantial minutes. He's risky in the fact that Pareja may not want to ask too much of him too soon, but I doubt Pareja can resist him against the Red Bulls. His price is $10.6.

Who to stay away from:

Kaka: If there is even a chance that Ricky has pain or tightness anywhere on his fragile body, he will not play. Not only that but Orlando City is just plain unlucky and even at times downright bad, I don't trust Orlando to get Kaka the points he's capable of racking up. He’s out right now with a groin something or another, so don't waste your money here. Disclaimer: I actually really like Kaka despite the mean things I just said about him.

Pedro Morales: While Vancouver could certainly use him, Morales is still coming back from injury. We know he is close to returning and he may even see minutes in this round,but $10.9 is just too much to spend on a guy that you aren't sure will play...even during a DGW.

Diego Valeri: Due to his red card suspension he won't be playing against New England, and while fantasy managers are still considering bringing him in, just remember how quiet Piatti was against Toronto last round. I'm not saying don't do it, I'm just saying you will likely be disappointed if you do.


Who to bring in:

Fanendo Adi: You can't ignore Adi right now. He has a nose for goal and he just had a bye week so he should be well rested and ready to go against the Revs. He might be held quiet against Toronto, but having two looks at this guy in one round is too hard to pass up. He’s at $10.2.

Dom Dwyer: Dom let me down in round 7, but honestly it wasn't his fault. He should have been given a PK bonus, and while Benny likely would have taken the kick, you can't help but wonder how he would have done going forward against a 10 man San Jose had the foul been called. It's unfortunate but those are some serious points he missed out on. That's why I'm still recommending him for this DGW. Not to mention, the last time he played Vancouver he racked up 14 points. Take him for $10.1

Sebastian Giovinco/Maxi Urruti: I bet you never thought you'd see those two names lumped together. Neither are on a DGW, but both have inviting competition. Portland’s defense should be no problem for Gio, and the Red Bulls should be a team Urruti will have success with, especially with Diaz back in the mix. They have very different prices with Gio’s whomping $12.2 and Urruti’s modest $8.6

Didier Drogba: I honestly don't know how he’ll do in this DGW, but I would be a fool if I didn't at least recommend him. He might bring you monster points, he might bring you an empty Coke can, no one knows. Go with your gut but be careful because he's expensive at $11.4.

Who to be cautious of:

David Villa: Last week I said that I thought he might be a good choice because of this DGW, and don't get me wrong, he could totally go off on Montreal and Vancouver and that would be great, I'd be happy for his owners. I just can't help but feel that NYCFC just isn't that good. It seems like all the scoring is left up to Villa and so all a defense will have to do is focus on shutting him down. If you trust him and want to spend $11.2 on him, then I say do it, I just think the other options are better. I'm staying away from him.

Dominic Oduro: I'm not going to lie, he’s tempting at $7.4, but for a guy with all the speed in the world, playing with a guy like Piatti pulling the strings in the midfield, he really isn't producing as well as he probably should be. I know he's estimated to get big points this round, I just don't see it happening.

Who to avoid

Gashi: Sorry for not even attempting to spell his first name but he doesn't deserve it. Firstly he's not on a DGW, and second, even if he were, I still wouldn't take him. Not only did he not let Jermaine Jones take the PK (like who does that) he also did it in a way that made me think he was trying to piss his teammate off, which it is pretty evident that JJ was not happy. He then proceeds to MISS said PK and become the most disliked Colorado Rapids player. For that reason he makes the ‘avoid’ list.

Ok, now on to the Twitter questions!

Yes, Tierney left the game after 28 minutes with a left hamstring strain. Drop him like it's hot,

For Kaka, I recommend Feilhaber, he's on a DGW and has multiple opportunities to rack up points. He is SKC’s PK taker, he also takes the occasional set piece depending on if Brad Davis fights him for it. You can replace Barrios with a Fagundez perhaps, but be weary, when Fagundez is quiet he's very quiet, and Barrios has a nice matchup against a very weak Red Bull’s defense.

Melano isn't a terrible pick but he's not a great one either. He's got speed like no other, the only frustrating thing about him is that he does everything right but the finish. The guy has a hard time scoring which is not something you want to hear about a forward who is priced at $8.7. I personally wouldn't pick him so I don't feel right advising you to. There are just better options out there.

I suppose the obvious answer is anyone that's battling injury. Morales and Tierney are two guys you should steer clear of. More so Tierney since Morales will probably get a little playing time. If we’re not talking injuries, I'd say Jake Gleeson is a very bad option. Portland’s defense is just so bad that I can't help but feel they are setting this substitute keeper up for failure, especially against a guy like Giovinco.

Yes, get rid of Kaka no doubt. Valeri is serving his red card and then has to come back and face a Toronto team that held Piatti to 2 points last round, so I would recommend a Benny Feilhaber instead. I know a lot of managers are planning on using Valeri regardless so I wouldn't hold it against you if you didn't take my advice. As for Urruti, if you have the budget, Adi is a solid choice, but honestly I like Urruti’s odds against the terrible Red Bulls' defense too. You can't go wrong with either in my opinion.