What's In a Lineup (Tweet)?

Every match day, as MLS fans prepare to watch their team play, they usually look to social media to find out the starting eleven. Twitter seems to be the go to spot for fans to find this information as the teams usually tweet their lineup about an hour before kickoff. How do they tweet it? Let us count the ways. There are some unique ways to give the fans (and fantasy owners) the information they need, while others cut straight to the point. Some teams change it up every week but let's take a look at a sampling from Week 7.


D.C. United is going with a bit of animation here. That's certainly unique amongst the others. It definitely looks neat, but it's kind of a bummer if you need to refer to it for the purpose of remembering who's playing where.  


LA Galaxy:  Ok, not bad LA.  We’ve got a formation. We’ve got the names.  We’ve got the now somewhat prototypical arms crossed pose.  Bonus points here go to making sure the arms are crossed low enough so that you can still read the sponsor. 

Montreal:  Just some disembodied player heads. Fine by me.  Any lineup with Oduro’s grinning face in it is pretty hilarious and awesome.

NYCFC:  Again nothing much to see here. A bit different from the Galaxy in that the sponsor gets no love here at all.

Colorado: Get it together Colorado. This is a mess. Some players with their hands on their hips? Some players with their hands at their sides? I can’t even look at this travesty.

Philadelphia: This looks pretty nice I guess. They’re doing a weird graphic design thing here where someone was like “Hey can we do anything to make it so it’s not just a regular old box surrounding the player?”  and the designer was like, “I can cut off a corner!” Also a little weird that Andre Blake is kind of forced to half on/half off the pitch. Perfectly acceptable lineup tweet though.

Real Salt Lake: Ok here we have an obviously photoshopped group picture. That’s interesting. I do like how they are standing formationally and in their positions. I like how Rimando is off by himself to the side because we know that he is never going to be cut out of this picture. He’s probably on the background layer.

Vancouver: Here’s another group picture. That’s cool. Whatever, Vancouver. David Ousted looks like the lead singer.

Orlando City: What have you done? You and Colorado are both staying after class for turning these in. We’ve got players at different angles. We’ve got guys with their arms crossed. We’ve got guys with their arms at their sides. Are Redding and Kaka’s arms behind their backs? Be ashamed Orlando.

FC Dallas: You didn’t go big here and I respect that. Just a solid little penalty to the bottom corner. Panenkas might make Sportscenter but they all count the same. One thing of note, and this isn’t Dallas’ fault, but Zach Loyd and Chris Seitz short names probably drove this graphic designer crazy. Why’d you justify left though?

Houston Dynamo: So orange. Please chill.

Chicago Fire: Ok let’s do a compliment sandwich. I like how you put somebody in a withdrawn forward position. That shows a level of awareness of tactical subtlety.  WHY DID YOU DO THIS COMPLETELY BACKWARDS? EVERYONE KNOWS THE GK GOES AT THE BOTTOM. You spelled all of the players’ names correctly.

Columbus Crew SC: You did the minimal amount of effort required to consider the job done. This is why it took you so long to win a match.

Seattle Sounders: I really have nothing to complain about here. It’s elegant, simple, effective. Good job Sounders. Could you please tutor Colorado and Orlando?

Sporting Kansas City: HEY LET’S MAKE THE FIELD A NAVY RHOMBUS! I’m just guessing Dwyer had something to do with this. You have one of the best graphic and branding units in the league. Were they sick?

Portland Timbers: You’ve got some good ideas going on here. You’ve got a pretty standard flat scripted list. Fine. You’ve got a giant picture of Diego Valeri looking at me like I just yelled at his dog. You’ve also got weird water droplets all over this thing and that is completely baffling to me. A good artist knows when to stop.

San Jose: This is cool. It looks nice. It’s visually interesting without being distracting. It’s a win, but it’s a win in the 92nd minute on a questionable penalty call. In other words, it’s exactly on brand for San Jose.

Toronto FC, New York Red Bulls, New England Revolution: The project clearly didn’t inspire you, and so I appreciate that you didn’t insult me by making a half-hearted effort. You all get incompletes.