Why TFC Fans Should Embrace a Blue Stripe

As reported first by the Toronto Sun, Toronto FC released their anticipated away kit to kick off their 10th season in MLS. Heading into this milestone year, the Reds’ goal was to create a new kit to pay homage to the city’s rich history in the North American and Canadian soccer scene. The result was the inclusion of a new colour into the now familiar scheme: blue. For the most part, the reaction was a resounding “meh” to the new addition. But the colour blue, being the main colour of TFC’s newest roomie has certainly ruffled some feathers.

Colour changes and additions aren’t all that uncommon anyways. Clubs with a much deeper history have made far more radical changes to their kits and deviated much further from their norm than Toronto FC. Take Juventus for example. Their nickname is the “Bianconeri”, literally the “white black”, which makes complete sense. Those are their colours. But throughout their history, they’ve had alternate kits featuring blue, gold, pink, and even red. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Juventus fans having an identity crisis.

The belief in this “Blue Scare” of Argo infiltration into Toronto FC culture is the root of the hate. And it’s not entirely unwarranted. TFC fans weren’t exactly consulted when the decision was made to bring the transient CFL team to BMO Field for this season. This is what worries TFC fans most.

But let’s be real for a minute. This isn’t a conspiracy. This isn’t an attempt to change TFC’s identity or to make the Argos “part of the family.” It’s a commemorative blue stripe on an alternate kit in a milestone season. Period.

Before there was a Giovinco, there was a Eusebio. The Portuguese legend carried the Toronto Metros-Croatia to the 1976 NASL Soccer Bowl championship before the team was renamed the Toronto Blizzard under new ownership. The Blizzard also featured in 2 consecutive Soccer Bowls before NASL ceased operations, but unfortunately left empty handed. The colour schemes for both clubs were, red, white, and blue.

Toronto is blue. Almost all professional teams feature it in their schemes. We’re just waiting for the Raptors to clue into this. The Leafs, the BLUE Jays, the Argos (a shiver just went down my spine), the Rock, are all blue. Even the flag of the city is predominantly blue.

The blue stripe is a symbolic part of Toronto’s heritage, their history. It’s part of their identity as a soccer community whether they like it or not. It is not about the Argos. It never was. It’s probably the way it always should’ve been. So instead of fighting it for the sake of being contrary, embrace it.