The Aggregate Line - February 22, 2016

Tim Howard wants a lot of money to take his talents to Colorado. And the Rapids just might be the team to do it. How much does the former US mainstay have left?

Maybe the Rapids are waiting for Howard to arrive to release their new jersey. They're releasing it March 10. The season starts March 6. Why release it BEFORE the season like everyone else. Break the mold.

The Obafemi Martins deal is still not official. If holding up the jersey and an announcement by the new team aren't official, what is? Have to cross all those t's and dot the i's. 

Seattle will also have a new midfielder available as they resume Champions League play tomorrow. Sturgis has played in Seattle before. He needs to mix it up if he wants to play for every team in the league. There's still time.

What are those odd tank top looking black things the players are wearing in preseason? Soccer in the 21st century is pretty cool. How did we do without it?

BMO will remain the name of the stadium Toronto FC plays in, and will also stay on the front of their jersey. Now that they're sharing their stadium with a CFL team, BMO is getting even more ad space.

MLS now has an official timekeeper because, why not? Now those giant stoppage time boards will have a sponsor. Let us know when they sponsor the corner flags.

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