The Aggregate Line - February 19th, 2016

Hey it's Friday!  That means the work week is almost done, and so too is just one of the many interminable offseason weeks that stand between us and First Kick.  Believe me, it can't get here soon enough.  The sooner we can start talking more about soccer and less about Applebee's, the better.  

Let's see what was going around the league today.  


Hey Look! The Sounders got some new turf!  Will it be enough to silence all of the critics?  Ha! Not a chance!   But we think it looks pretty good.  

Applebee's enjoyed a ton of free publicity from MLS fans today after making an innocuous comment towards a famously trollish pro/rel advocate. Does this make Applebee's cool and hip now?  Nah. But hey! You gotta get your tropically flavored chicken based appetizers someplace right?

Can you even imagine what he'd look like in an NYCFC Jersey? 

Hey you've all heard of this Yaya Touré fella right?  Well it just so happens that he's being linked with a move away from Manchester City and the Daily Star reports that there are a few Major League Soccer clubs with their eye on the imposing midfielder.  This is all still speculative at this point, but with no contract renewal for Touré on the horizon, expect this story to continue to develop and dominate the rumor mill for the foreseeable future. 

Wow!  What a strike.  Not a bad audition from the Dutch Chicago Fire Trialist, John Goossens. That's how you interview for a job!  

Musselman's: for that bottom of the table taste. 

Musselman's: for that bottom of the table taste. 

If you're like most MLS fans, you'll find yourself cruising through the grocery store but becoming hopelessly paralyzed in front of the applesauce selection because you have no idea which brand to buy that best supports your favorite club.  Well, Philadelphia Union fans are going to keep beating you to the express lane because today the Union announced that they renewed their partnership with Musselman's brand apple sauce as the OFFICIAL applesauce of the Philadelphia Union.  

Well that's it for this week! Thanks for reading!  Enjoy your weekend, and be sure to join us back here next week as look forward to CCL matches and previewing the 2016 MLS Season.