Sounders Add to MLS Mobile Landscape

In the technology world we live in, sports teams continue to come up with no ways to connect with fans. The Seattle Sounders are doing just that by releasing a new mobile app. The app is designed to be Your Ticket to Everything Sounders FC. 

New York City FC also has an app, in use since last season. Fans can connect to the team with news articles, stadium info, links to tickets, and more, all at the fans' fingertips. 


The most useful feature for Sounders fans is the ability to log in to your MatchPass and Account Manager profiles via the app. Season Ticket Holders will have access to their tickets in the app, meaning that their phone is their ticket. In previous years, the Sounders had opted for season ticket cards (hence the name: MatchPass) and paper tickets. Don't worry, you can still print a ticket at home from your computer. In a society that is ever-changing and trending towards more and more mobile usage, the Sounders have a very bold approach in how fans interact with their phones on match days. 

Game programs, lineups, weather updates, and offers and promos will also be availabe on the app.

There is also a memory game. There actually is.  


If you're interested in checking out the app you can download it for iTunes, Windows Phone, or Android.