It's Time to Say Goodbye to Jurgen

Guys, it’s time. No more excuses. It’s time to own up to the disaster that is Jurgen Klinsmann’s time with the US Men’s National Team and let him go.

As the 35th coach of the US National Team, Jurgen Klinsmann entered with a lot of promises: pledging to fix the youth system, strengthening the player pool, and the idea of attacking big teams and taking names. Right now, the USMNT is last place in the Hex with two games under their belt and a goal differential of -5. They are coming off their first ever loss in Columbus for World Cup Qualifying to their bitter rivals just south of the border, and the players look to have lost their spark along with their respect for the coach. Last night's 4-0 drubbing at the hands of a Costa Rican side who were plagued with defensive absences due to injury has to be the final nail. 

It’s time to admit that maybe this system isn’t working. With the youth system being a main focus for Klinsmann, the country not qualifying for the Olympics in either attempt under his reign is simply unacceptable. The player pool may have grown through foreign-born players who have been the lone bright spark in Klinsmann’s tenure, but, in this same time, he overlooked the MLS players tearing up the league at home by calling them up a camp or two after their best games. The ruffling of feathers over Landon Donovan’s exclusion from the squad caused unnecessary waves just before the 2014 World Cup. Apparently, some sabbaticals are okay in Klinsmann’s eyes but others are not. All of these along with call ups, lineups and substitutions that made plenty US soccer fans scratch their heads, it’s time to finally call it.

In a tumultuous political time for this country, the message of US Soccer is about unity behind the team through “One Nation One Team”, but it may be time to get rid of one misshapen piece of the puzzle in order to form a more perfect union..err.. more cohesive national team with a new head coach.