Total MLS Endorses Cozmo for President

Total MLS has been the go to website for independent news about MLS since 2010. During that time we have stayed out of politics, but, with the turmoil surrounding the present election, we could not stand by and allow the conversation to continue down the road it is headed. In response, we have decided to endorse Cozmo, mascot for the LA Galaxy. as our candidate for the President of the United States of America. We believe that Cozmo embodies the true spirit of what Total MLS stands for and gives us tacos we can believe in during these dark times.

Cozmo is a uniting force when the league gives many reasons to divide ourselves. Rivalry week after rivalry week, he stands by his LA Galaxy proudly. However, he promotes togetherness and generosity amongst rivals by sharing his tacos with visiting fans. The undying love that Cozmo has for tacos is well documented, making the depth of this gesture truly awe-inspiring.

Cozmo understands the importance of cultivating love of the game at a young age, and proved it by using his clearance to make an experience that this young rival fan will never forget. He understands that the game is more than supporting your team, it’s about providing our sons and daughters with a fan experience that they can continue to build on for generations to come.

Cozmo isn’t one of your Washington fat cat belt-way insiders. Cozmo is a maverick. He marches to the beat of his own drum, and his drum is about freedom and decent Mexican food for all of America.

In short, Cozmo is what this country needs. He believes in creating a soccer community that can come together despite their differences, and his Audi Player Index Points of 87,384 are far more than any other Presidential candidate. Go with your taco-filled gut this election season and vote Cozmo for President of the United States.

It might be complicated if you aren’t a fan of the LA Galaxy, most of us here at TMLS aren’t, but we recognize a leader when we see one. This November. Vote your conscience. Vote Cozmo.